Heffler Announces Day of Service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

Heffler Announces Day of Service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

As a part of its commitment to community and diversity, Heffler, Radetich & Saitta (Heffler) and its affiliate organizations are offering a Day of Service to employees in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy. 

Heffler recognizes the importance and value of community service and hopes the initiative encourages employees to actively support the communities in which we live and work. 

“When we launched Horsey, Buckner & Heffler (HBH) as an affiliate of Heffler, we entered into a joint commitment to support diverse causes and truly be a resource for minorities and the communities they live in,” said Michael Horsey, Chairman and CEO of HBH. An affiliate of Heffler since 2017, HBH is positioned to be one of the larger minority-controlled certified public accounting firms in the Delaware Valley. “In addition to fostering minority businesses and young professionals, we firmly believe in growing the communities around us through service.” 

The program allows Heffler employees one paid day per year to perform community service for an organization of their choosing. Heffler also offers firm-sponsored community service events. This year several Heffler employees will join the Day of Service at Girard College in Philadelphia, the largest Martin Luther King Day service event in the country. 

“A commitment to diversity and service has to extend beyond the walls of our office,” said Ed Radetich, Heffler Partner. “The Heffler Day of Service initiative is an opportunity in our own organization to recognize diversity as it exists, not diversity for the sake of diversity — but inclusion and action in the community.” 

The Martin Luther King Day of Service is part of a nationwide effort uniting volunteers everywhere from America’s small towns to its large cities in honor of Dr. King’s legacy. Heffler hopes to continue that legacy all year by allowing employees time to serve their communities in their own ways.