Over the past 40 years, our Healthcare Services Group has cultivated a solid background in healthcare accounting and consulting, establishing Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP as a premier provider of support services on investigative accounting, compliance and reimbursement matters. We have established a reputation for independence, accuracy and sound judgment, with enhanced analysis and technical services that address a more complex financial, tax and business environment.

This diverse and highly specialized practice serves all manner of healthcare providers, fiscal intermediaries, law firms and governmental entities. Traditionally, our team of CPA’s and financial professionals has provided audit and reimbursement services to acute and long-term care providers, home health agencies, healthcare systems and end-stage renal dialysis facilities, and audit services to healthcare providers and third party fiscal intermediaries. They have expanded to offer Fraud and Abuse, Qui Tam investigations and Corporate Compliance services.

  • Recovered Largest False Claim Case against a Hospital – $73 M
  • Recovered Largest False Claim Case against a Multi-Hospital System – $625 M
  • Recovered over $1.1 B in Total False Claim Case Settlements
  • Supported over 30 Litigation Cases
  • Involved with Medicare System since Inception

Representative Clientele

Services Snapshot

Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP’s Healthcare Services Group has been involved with the Medicare program since its inception. The Group remains a premier provider of audit services to fiscal intermediaries for Acute Care Providers, Long Term Care Providers, Home Health Agencies, Healthcare Systems and End-Stage Renal Dialysis Facilities.

  • Audit Assistance for 3rd Party Fiscal Intermediaries
  • Medicare/Medicaid Audit Assistance
  • Contract Rate Negotiations w/3rd Party Insurers or Providers
  • Corporate Integrity Agreements
  • Corporate Compliance Programs
  • Operational Analysis
  • Clinical Assessments

Physician Practice Assessment

Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP is a full-service certified public accounting firm with an entire department of twenty professionals devoted to healthcare. We have extensive experience in all phases of the healthcare delivery system starting with physician practice, nursing homes, home health services, community hospitals, specialty hospitals and teaching medical centers. We have guided physicians from inception to maturity. We have valued practices for the purpose of sale or merger, admission of a partner and divorce proceedings. We have taken financial distressed practices to successful operation.

  • Organization chart
  • Board structure
  • Board meetings
  • Board reports
  • Management structure
  • Management compensation
  • Payment classification
  • Expense trends
  • Vendor agreements
  • Inventory control and supply ordering systems
  • Cash management and accounts payable aging
  • Coding and billing analysis
  • Review timeliness of billing
  • Patient charge entry analysis
  • Delinquent account strategies
  • Collection plan
  • Cash acceleration
  • Accounts receivable reduction
  • Account receivable aging trends analysis
  • Revenue analysis
  • Preparation of cost analysis
  • Patient statistic analysis
  • Charges/collections analysis
  • Changes in payor mix analysis
  • Acquisition
  • New partner admission
  • Sale of practice
  • Monthly financial support
  • Budgeting
  • Production analysis
  • Tax return preparation